Apple launch Apple Patents Crazy Heated Screen For Folding iPhone

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Apple Iphone x fold launch


Apple has already updated its iPhones twice in 2019. The first was planned, the second launched in outrage. But now the company is zeroing in on Huawei and Samsung’s radical folding smartphones, as its most ambitious iPhone to date is hot stuff… 

iPhone X Fold conceptWWW.FOLDABLE.NEWS


Following a flurry of folding iPhone patents, Apple is back again showing how its acclaimed attention to detail gives the company the platform to make the most impressive folding smartphone entry so far.

Picked up by fan site AppleInsider, a newly public Apple patent has revealed the company is working on a folding display which automatically warms at the fold point. Why? Apple explains that folding displays can be damaged when used in cold temperatures, so options such as a heating element or even lighting the pixels on the fold would mitigate the problem.




Interestingly, neither Huawei nor Samsung have touched on this weakness despite stating their respective folding smartphones (the Galaxy Fold and Mate X) will launch commercially this year. I have asked both companies about this and will update when I have an answer.

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