Samsung Galaxy A90 looks set for an April 10 launch

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In this article, you will find out about the galaxy  a90 launch - an annual event that gathers the world's most famous samsung company of mobile phones.

We’ve been expecting Samsung to launch the Galaxy A90 at an event it’s holding on April 10, and now just such a launch looks almost guaranteed, as mention of the Samsung Galaxy A90 has been found on a Samsung page advertising the event.

Specifically, the name ‘Galaxy A90’ was found by SmartPrix in source code for a Samsung India page advertising the April 10 event, as you can see in the image below.


That still doesn’t guarantee that we’ll see the Samsung Galaxy A90 there, but it’s now looking very likely. And the Galaxy A90 probably won’t be alone, as the teaser for the event that you can see below shows three phones.





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  • Guest (Diane Howard)

    I've already been to this show several times. Each time the organizers have something to amaze the visitors with - various kinds of vehicles, new concept cars, amazing presentations etc. Last year exhibition was outstanding, and I think this show is definitely worth visiting.

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  • Guest (James Cox)

    I believe all enthusiasts know about this show. As for me, I was really excited when I visited it in Ontario, Canada, 6 years ago. I hope it has not changed much or at least changed for the better, as it is the only source of getting the latest information about motor industry trends and its fresh news.

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